1. Sideways, the Sweetheart of Georgia Tech

    1946 – Talk about a strange love affair. A school known for its rivalry with Bulldogs experiences a full-on case of puppy love? Not even the fabled scribes of the Journal or Constitution could make up such a shaggy dog story. A little background on this frisky Juliet and her campus of adoring Romeos, courtesy of the Georgia Tech Dean of Students’ Handbook: “In 1945, a black and white, long-haired mongrel appeared on the Tech campus after her owner moved away from the area. Injured when thrown from a car, the dog walked with her head and shoulders about fifteen degrees out of phase with her hindquarters. Observant Tech students affectionately dubbed the dog Sideways.”

    Here’s how we told the darling dog’s tale (tail?) in our 1946 photo essay on Sideways and her many Tech suitors: “The girl who’s stolen Georgia Tech’s heart. She’s a little wire-haired terrier named ‘Sideways, ’ because that’s the way she walks. And if you don’t believe she’s the official girl friend, just look at her tag… it reads ‘Sideways, Georgia Tech.’ She likes to follow the crowd and she’s often treated to a milkshake at the College Inn by her friends.”

    Click here to see more photos of Sideways in "MyAJC Flashback Fotos: Sideways, the Sweetheart of Georgia Tech." For the latest Georgia Tech coverage, visit http://www.ajc.com/s/sports/tech/.

    Photo credit: AJC file / 1946

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    If you rub her grave, she blesses you on tests
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    I always wondered if a picture of Sideways still existed… By the way, Sideways is buried near the base of Tech Tower,...
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