1. Why did the Chicken …?

    “Sept 5, 1978 - Atlanta, Ga - San Diego Padres mascot, The KGB Chicken, has a mouthful of Atlanta Braves owner, Ted Turner. (Jerome McClendon/AJC Staff).” Ted Giannoulas has made a career out of being a chicken. He worked for KGB-FM, a San Diego radio station when this photo was shot. He was fired in 1979 and the station tried but failed to keep him out of a chicken costume. For many years he was called The San Diego Chicken, but now goes by The Famous Chicken. He started his career while still in college and is now pretty close to 60. Baseball season is just about here. The Braves play the Phillies Monday.

    Photo courtesy of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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    /shakes fist/ CHICKENNNNNNN!! JANE GET MY GUN!
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    oh hell yes, Ted please come back! Bring Leo with you!!!
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    We got a team we’d like you to buy, Ted.
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    How I miss Crazy Uncle Teddy owning the Braves….
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