1. Steaming along in style

    “Mr. and Mrs. W.E. (Billy) Aycock Sr., of Moultrie and their family. Mr. Aycock writes ‘The picture of our family in the White Steamer was made in front of Trinity Church, South Pryor St., by The Atlanta Journal and printed in the Journal in fall of 1909.” Yes, this car had a steam engine, although the company that made it switched to gas powered motors a couple of years later. We’d tell you the children’s names but we only know the boys’ names, Billy (front) and Dick. The girls are referred to by their adult names, Mrs, followed by their husband’s name. The unnamed black woman is described as the children’s nurse. This photo originally had a long and confusing caption which you can read here.

    Photo courtesy of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution via Georgia State University’s Digital Collection.