1. So that’s how he rolled

    “Augusta, Ga. — James Brown gets into the leased Mercedes of his business for an excursion Oct. 24, 1980. (W.A. Bridges, Jr./AJC Staff).” What was his business? James Brown was in the business of making people happy and he was very good at it. The Godfather of Soul lead a messy life and when it ended in December, 2006 his financial picture, to the extent that outsiders could see it at all, was pretty cloudy. The IRS auctioned off three of his cars, including a Benz, a few years after this photo was taken. A 1962 red Thunderbird belonging to his estate was auctioned off in 2008. He may not have been a financial genius but people will listen to the genius of his music for centuries to come. View a gallery of auction items on ajc.com.

    Photo courtesy of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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