1. Super Bowl Shuffle

    "January 17, 1999 - Minneapolis, Minnesota — Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Reeves (right) does the dirty bird with players Jamal Anderson #32 and Ray Buchanan #34 after accepting the NFC trophy at the Metrodome Sunday. (David Tulis/AJC staff).”

    At long last, the Falcons were going to the Super Bowl. Let’s see what AJC reporters had to say:

    "At the trophy presentation, coach Dan Reeves, who five weeks ago underwent quadruple heart bypass surgery, tried to do the "Dirty Bird” dance, which he said at midseason he would do if the Falcons made it to their first Super Bowl.
    "If I can stand today, my heart’s going to be in great shape, ” Reeves said. "It can’t get much tougher than that."

    How about the fans back home?

    "Atlantans, as inexperienced at celebrating a pro football championship as teenagers embarking on a first date, figured out what to do by the thousands as they partied in the streets of Buckhead, jammed Hartsfield International Airport and swarmed the city of Suwanee to welcome home their Falcons."

    Photo courtesy of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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