1. It’s Murphy by a millimeter

    “Murphy scores. May, 1979 — Atlanta, Ga.: - Braves’ Dale Murphy avoids the tag by Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Steve Yeager and scores. (Steve Deal/AJC Staff).”

    Murphy was the Braves’ first-round pick in the 1974 draft. 1979 was the first year management decided that maybe catcher wasn’t the perfect position for him. This was his first season as a first baseman. He played in the outfield in 1980 and finally got to be a first baseman for an entire season two years later.

    This is Murphy’s last year of eligibility for the Baseball Hall of Fame. The betting is that Murph won’t make it. The AJC’s Jeff Schultz thinks that’s bad, especially considering other players who are eligible this year. AJC Braves beat writer David O’Brien makes the case for Murph.

    Photo courtesy of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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